People-first innovation

At Nedap, we deliver people-first innovation. Our UV lamp driver solutions are the culmination of over 30 years’ experience in lamp driver technology. We partner with UV professionals from across industries and sectors to develop innovative solutions that tackle real-world challenges.  

Our smart UV lamp driver hardware and software empower integrators to revolutionise UV treatment and disinfection. The result is highly efficient and environmentally sustainable UV lamp systems. 

Our mission and vision


Supporting business to develop and scale up the sustainable value of their UV curing and disinfection solutions,  reducing carbon footprint and creating less waste.


Develop and supply efficient, compact and flexible UV lamp drivers that are easy to adopt and deploy by integrators globally.

the nedap story

Technology for life

At Nedap we create products that change the way people work and improve the way they live. We call it Technology for life. It is our overriding philosophy. It is about developing UV driver solutions that enable businesses to operate more sustainably, cutting their costs and carbon emissions. We know that it’s vital for integrators that UV systems meet specific requirements for specific applications. Nedap UV lamp driver technology offers flexibility, easy testing capability, and compliance with international certification standards. 


It’s truly technology for life.


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Energy and maintenance make up to 75% of the total product lifecycle costs, so cutting them is a clear priority. Nedap’s smart UV lamp driver technology cuts energy usage and minimizes maintenance, creating more more sustainable operations. The result is a massive cut in carbon footprint and operating cost.  

Sustainability is central to our strategy and solutions.

We have identified three sustainability goals, where we believe, we can have the biggest positive impact on people and the planet:

Reduce carbon footprint

5% less energy consumption.

Longer lifetime of lamps

Upto 50% reduction of lamp waste.

Cooperation with partners and research institutes

Sharing of data insights for product innovation.

We care: Our social responsibility

The global population is growing, putting more pressure on critical systems. To protect us all, we must all fight back against bacteria, viruses and pollution. Water and energy are becoming scarce resources that we must protect. We believe that innovative UV technology will play a critical role in tackling the climate crisis. 

“We have to value water –surface water and ground water– and use it more efficiently and sustainably in every sector, locally and globally.”

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
World Water Conference, March 2023
King Willem Alexander at the UN water conference

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