Social responsibility

Why we care

At Nedap we create products that change the way people work and improve how they live. Our driver solutions enable businesses to operate more sustainably, cutting costs and their carbon footprint. UV and advanced oxidation are highly sustainable technologies and suitable for a range of applications We are committed to helping OEs across the world deploy UV technology and explore future applications. 

Case study

Nedap created the Naïade, a mobile drinking water system that to provide children and adolescents in rural areas. The Naïade combines solar energy with ultraviolet water treatment technology. A stand-alone unit can be transported easily and set up in less than 30 minutes. When operational, the device can provide safe drinking water to up to 400 people at an estimated cost of just €1.50 per person per year. 

Sustainable technology 

UV technology is a sustainable technology. The natural anti-bacterial properties of UV light have been known for more than 100 years. It is widely used for disinfecting drinking and processing water. It can also be used to replace chemical processes in curing inks and coatings.  

Supply Chain Responsibility

We are committed as a business to minimising or preventing the harmful environmental impact of our operations. We’re constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact at every stage. 

Environmental audits

Every one of our suppliers is ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems Standard) certified. We work with all suppliers to reduce carbon emissions and environmental damage through the supply chain. 

100% green power usage

100% of the electricity used by Nedap is generated from hydropower or wind. We have also installed heat pumps and improved insulation in our buildings to reduce energy usage. 

LED and Luxon

We are increasingly using LED lighting combined with Luxon to light our premises. Luxon helps to save up to 65% of energy compared to conventional lighting. 

Reduce packaging 

Nedap and our partners are working together to reduce the amount of packaging. We’re exploring ways to recycle and reuse all packing, creating a genuinely net-zero business.  

UV Insights

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