UV Curing
UV curing or UV-A

UV curing or UV-A (320-400 nanometers) is a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly process that requires no solvents or heat. The UV curing process reduces energy consumption, cuts costs, and eliminates harmful emissions.

Nedap’s industry-leading UV lamp driver technology enables you to:


Improve energy efficiency by up to 5%
Reduce energy loss in the power grid by up to 9.5%
Create compact systems, reducing the footprint by up to 50%
Medium-pressure UV solutions are suitable for high-speed curing applications, such as printing, where large areas need to be
treated quickly. They produce a broad spectrum of UV wavelengths and can be used with a wide range of materials

Low-pressure UV solutions are used for curing coatings and adhesives on heat-sensitive substrates. They produce lower intensity UV radiation and generate less heat. They can also  cure materials that require specific UV wavelengths.

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