Want to develop a high quality UV solution?

Are you looking for a flexible and highly efficient UV power supply that can easily be configurated to meet specific needs of your customers? Do you need to deliver a sustainable and competitive UV solution that complies with the regulations in your market?

What makes the difference?

The UV lamp driver is an essential part  of UV solutions and defines the operational sustainability of the system. UV lamp driver technology requires specific expertise. We have over 25 years experience in UV lamp driver technology with an installed based of over 900.000 drivers worldwide. 

Our low pressure UVineo and medium pressure UVuerte electronic UV lamp driver technology combines high efficiency power conversion with excellent control for optimized UV output and lamp life.

More about UV applications

  • >  900.000 electronic UV drivers installed and  in use worldwide 
  • Recommended by major UV lamp  manufacturers
  • Intelligent drivers provide relevant data insights
  • Experienced support team 
  • CE and UL/cUL approved
  • Fulfill IMO/USGG requirements



17Jan BIG Ideas Conference & Expo March 6-8 2023, San Diego, CA
The BIG IDEAS conference offers the industry a forum to discuss the future of UV and EB technologies while learning more about the applications and science that will enable developments two years, five years and ten years down the road.
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Learn more about how  smart  UV Lamp Driver technology helps to create a more sustainable operation, reducing carbon footprint and saving costs at the same time.

What defines a high quality UV Lamp Driver? 
Discover how smart driver technology generates more sustainable operation

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