How our team powers your UV business

Navigating business challenges can be quite demanding, can’t it? And balancing the pursuit of cost-efficient processes and minimal downtime with the need for sustainability and innovation can be quite a feat.


But you’re not facing those challenges alone. We at Nedap are firmly by your side. Now and in the days ahead. We provide UV lamp drivers, but what truly drives us? It’s our desire to make a meaningful impact. We do this by fostering strong partnerships and empowering you to seize opportunities for market growth. Our dedicated teams are ready to empower you.

Our team powers you
Meet the team
Research and Development

René has worked at Nedap for over 25 years. He has been captain of the R&D team for the last eight years and is closely involved in developing our product portfolio, including new driver technologies and solutions. Together with the team, René specialises in translating customer insights into new product features, ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation.

Meet the team
Customer support

Over the past 30 years, Nedap’s UV driver portfolio has developed to incorporate a broad range of low– and medium–pressure solutions. Because our partners rely on them for long-term use, quality, continuity, and customer support are crucial.

The R&D team develops new products and plays an important role in providing technical support to customers, serving as a knowledge base for our partners.

Our added value

Allow our René to power your efforts towards building energy efficient UV systems. Invite Ziad to empower you during the design phase to solve problems and overcome challenges. And let Jürgen power your efforts in designing according to UL/cUL certification standards. Our team is here, available whenever you require our assistance. How does our UV driver technology power your ambitions? Let’s discover it together.


Nedap drivers work with all major brands of low- and medium-pressure UV lamps. We are specialised in UV driver technology and fully independent.

Experienced team

Nedap’s R&D team comprises experienced electrical hardware engineers, design and mechanical engineers and embedded software architects.

Full Nedap power

A solid financial basis and a robust portfolio of propositions are key preconditions for Nedap to develop and deliver Technology for life.