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How René powers your efforts to build energy-efficient UV systems

René has worked at Nedap for over 25 years. He has been captain of the R&D team for the last eight years and is closely involved in developing our product portfolio, including new driver technologies and solutions. Together with the team, René specialises in translating customer insights into new product features, ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation.

Author: René Ooijman
25 March 2024
Leading UV lamp driver innovation

The R&D team – led by René – is focused on developing UV drivers and platforms with the features our customers need. One relevant example is the ‘smart’ 4/8 kW lamp driver platform, a new product inspired by feedback from our valued customers.

The design of our drivers stands out and delivers high energy efficiency levels. This is important for two reasons. First, it means that less electrical energy is wasted as heat, which is environmentally friendly and results in cost savings for the end user. Second, a high-efficiency product is generally more reliable because it produces less heat stress on components.

René Ooijman
Captain R&D team
René Ooijmans
How does it work?
How our UV driver technology makes the difference

At Nedap, we create a genuine, sustainable, and positive impact on the planet by developing solutions that enhance our customers’ success. Our R&D team focusses on creating products that optimize your UV solution’s performance and minimise operational costs.

Nedap’s UV lamp drivers address two key factors: saving energy and reducing service costs. Curious about the mechanism behind it? In this video we unravel the details.

How our team powers you

René and his expert colleagues in our R&D department are ready to support your field engineers during the design phase. They are available to provide expert advice and guidance at any stage of the process, working with you to unlock efficiencies and improve environmental protection.

Want to know how our UV driver technology can power your ambitions? Let’s discover it together.

Our team powers you