Medium-pressure UV lamp drivers

Mediumpressure lamps deliver unsurpassed power capabilities with impressively small dimensions. They’re ideal for compact disinfection, AOP treatment and curing solutions. Nedap’s UV electronic lamp drivers are proven to double lamp life – cutting operating costs and carbon emissions.  

Power your UV solution with Nedap medium-pressure lamp drivers.
Lamp driver 620W
Lamp Driver 620 W
Powers MH & HPS lamps
Limited inrush current
Typical MH re-strike within 5 minutes, HPS instantaneous
Up to 9m (30 ft) cable between driver and lamp
Analog 1 - 10V dimming
Lamp Driver 1-3.5 kW with Heatsink
Lamp Driver 1-3.5 kW with Heatsink
Opto-isolated control outputs: lamp on, system status, lamp driver status, lamp status
PWM control of output power
Optimised for minimum acoustic resonance
Remote on/off
PWM control of output power
Lamp driver 3.5kW
Lamp Driver 1-3.5kW
Wide input range
Pre-programmed power settings
With optional heatsink and/or Modbus
Lampdriver 4KW
Lamp Driver 4kW
Wide input voltage range
Pre-programmed power settings
Modbus monitoring and control
Lamp Driver Full Rack 4/8kW
Lamp Driver Full Rack 4/8kW
Lamp Driver Full Rack 4/8kW Series and parallel operation up to 8kW
Balancer for series operation
Fan Tray powered and controlled by the lamp driver (optional)
Lamp Driver 8kW
Lamp Driver 8kW
Very small size, low weight
Remote on/off and dimming
Ground Fault detection (also in lamp idle mode) and up to 40m lamp cable length
Integrated Nedap Bluetooth Wireless Monitoring device
Controls: Modbus, Analog (by Nedap Gateway)
Lamp Driver 6kW
Lamp Driver 6kW
Optional Modbus control
Higher lamp voltage version available (12kW, 24kW and 36 kW)
Lamp Driver 12kW
Lamp Driver 12kW
Can be parelleled for 24kW or 36kW operation
Low inrush current
Wide input voltage range
3-Phase Power Factor Correction
The perfect fit: why Nedap works for you:

Compact modular design 

Compatible with all common medium-pressure UV lamps 

CE and UL/cUL approved 

Satisfies all IMO/USGG requirements 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about powering medium-pressure/polychromatic UV lamps (200-400 nm). > 1000 watt UV lamps

We have gathered some frequent questions from our customers about our medium-pressure UL Lamp Drivers. If your question isn’t covered here, contact one of our specialists today! 

  • What is the average lifespan of medium-pressure UV lamps?

    We recognise that the end-of-lamp-life (EOLL) of medium-pressure UV lamps can vary from between 1,500 to 10,000 hours (depending on the manufacturer and lamp operation).  

    To better characterise UV lamp lifespan, Nedap performed a field test with several popular medium-pressure lamps in cooperation with Heraeus Noblelight GmbH.  In these tests, the lamps were powered by high-frequency lamp drivers (>20 kHz). These tests showed that many medium-pressure UV lamps could operate for up to 10,000 hours with a UVC output depreciation of less than 15%. 

    Medium-pressure lamps are widely used in industrial technologies, including printing (ink curing) and water treatment (disinfection); for instance, for water treatment systems, the quartz envelope determines the operational lifespan. Quartz glass lamp manufacturers recommend replacing the UV lamps after 5,000 hours of operation. 

  • How many hours can UV lamps operate before losing efficiency?

    The operational efficiency of UV lamps is defined by the lamp manufacturer. It depends upon several factors, including UV lamp specifications, application, and operating conditions. For example, UV lamps used in curing applications are switched on and off more frequently. As a result, the UV output decreases faster, resulting in a shorter lamp lifetime. 

    UV lamps used in water disinfection solutions operate continuously. Constant lamp operation has a positive impact on the lamp life, with a decrease of 30% in UV output at end-of-lamp-life. This level of efficiency is still in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard. Overall lamp lifetime and efficiency losses are also affected by water quality and the liquid’s transmittance. Additionally, variations in water flow affect how the lamps are used. It is common to find over-dimensioned systems, where lamps operate at 80 – 90% of their capacity for optimal efficiency.  

  • What are the benefits of step-less dimming for UV lamps?

    Lamp drivers that offer flexible step-less dimming are integral to building more energy-efficient systems. Likewise, they enable operators to control UV light levels, which can reduce unwanted and potentially damaging side effects.  

    When testing and validating UV systems, we dim UV lamps to 5% to simulate dirty UV Quartz sleeves. This makes testing easier and more accurate, which reduces time spent during the inspection process. 

    UV lamps used for water disinfection applications are commonly dimmed by up to 90% during the lamp’s lifetime. At the end of lamp’s-lifetime, this is often pushed to 100% to extend the overall lifetime of the lamps (for constant UV output).  

  • What is the lamp life if it is dimmed even further (to 60%, for example)?

    Dimming is commonly applied in UV systems where fluctuations in UV output are required. In wastewater plants, for example, UV lamps are often dimmed to reduce energy usage. In these cases, minimising lamp ignitions can extend lamp lifetime. 

    However, extensive UV lamp dimming (below 60%) has a negative effect on the lamp lifetime. This occurs when the lamp becomes too cold.  

  • How does the temperature influence the performance of the UV lamp?

    During normal operation, temperature control plays an important role in optimising UV lamp lifetime, performance, and efficiency.  

    Nedap’s newest 4/8 kW medium-pressure UV lamp drivers provide operators with greater control than ever before. Using a PC lamp driver tool and ModBus interface, you can set the UV lamp power, nominal lamp current, maximum lamp current, maximal lamp warmup current, and warm-up to run. 

  • Which medium-pressure UV lamps are compatible with Nedap drivers?

    Nedap’s UV lamp drivers are designed to work with all major manufacturers of UV lamps, including Heraeus, Hanovia, Alpha cure, LSI, Atlantic Ultraviolet, and Signify / dr fischer. (To work effectively, the lamp power and current must match the lamp driver.)

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