Sustainability at Nedap

At Nedap, we create products that change the way people work and improve the way they live. We call it Technology for life. It is our overriding philosophy. It is about developing UV driver solutions that enable businesses to operate more sustainably, cutting their costs and carbon emissions. 

Technology for life involves taking a long-term perspective, not focusing on short-term fixes. We are driven to innovate and improve every area of our business, optimizing our use of resources and minimizing our impact on the planet. These underpin each of our sustainability initiatives. 

We will always make the sustainable choice. 

reduce carbon footprint

Up to 5% less energy consumption

Benchmark research has established that UV systems operating with Nedap UV lamp drivers are 5% more energy efficient than other drivers in the market. It is because of higher lamp driver efficiency, lower total harmonic distortion (THD), and a higher power factor (PF). Smart UV lamp driver technology enables businesses to create more sustainable operations, reducing their carbon footprint, cutting costs and saving time.

Extended lamp life

Up to 50% reduction of lamp waste

Nedap UV lamp driver technology can double the lifetime of components and UV lamps, dramatically reducing waste. The smart technology inside provides operators with relevant, realtime insights into the performance of the drivers and UV lamps. This reduces maintenance costs and travel to operational sites. Our solution enables operators to monitor the most important lamp driver parameters. This enables operators to identify errors in the lamp drivers which can indicate the essential maintenance is required.

Cooperation with partners

Sharing of data insights for product innovation

UV technology is a mature market, but new industrial innovations are helping to reduce the use of chemicals and scarce resources, like energy and water. We work with start-up companies, supporting them to identify the most sustainable UV lamp solutions. We have established strong partnerships with lamp manufacturers and partner the world’s leading UV associations. We cooperate with Wageningen University and supply data and test units for scientific studies all over the world. We’re at the forefront of UV lamp driver technology. 

The partners we cooperate with

UV insights

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