Case study
UV peroxide advanced oxidation plant in Andijk (NL)

Andijk, the Netherlands, is home to the world’s first integrated membrane and UV peroxide advanced oxidation plant. The drinking water facility produces 120 million liters a day. The state-of-the-art UV installation is powered by Nedap’s sustainable UV lamp driver technology. 

Water treatment plant, Andijk

The water treatment plant uses surface water to create drinking water. This means that micro-pollutants need to be removed. The UV advanced oxidation process treats the water, destroying pesticides, hormones, and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, it also functions as an extra disinfection barrier for viruses and bacteria. 


The facility in Andijk is equipped with 12 multi-lamp reactors (3 rows of 4 reactors), each containing 16 mediumpressure UV lamps. The reactors are powered by a total of 192 mediumpressure 12 kW drivers from Nedap. During operation, the lamps are dimmed to save energy and extend the lamp lifespan.

  • Energy savings 
  • Reliable (almost 20 years in operation now) 
  • Lower operation costs
Energy savings

The high electrical efficiency of Nedap drivers (>95%), combined with the low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and high Power Factor, results in reduced load and losses in the power grid. Nedap’s UL/cUL approved lamp drivers also support stepless dimming, which has three major advantages:

  1. Energy saving  
  2. Longer/extended lamp lifespan
  3. Preventing UV-overdoses 

Communication via Modbus

Nedap’s lamp drivers support Modbus to provide real-time operational data of the system, via a PLC network. This gives operators insights into the performance of the drivers and connected lamps

Full control with Nedap software

Dedicated Nedap software can be used by engineers to test the electronic platform and to fine-tune the UV lamp settings in relation to the required UV levels, preventing overdoses. The embedded software has a diagnose functionality to report about lamp status, lamp failure, lamp driver temperature and other system operations.

A clear choice for Nedap

NR. 1 technology

Most efficient driver technology, requires less installation space. >900.000 electronic UV lamp drivers installed and in use worldwide.


Digital lamp selection and optimisation.


Robust designs, resulting in optimal performance and an average service life of > 10 years.


Embedded software for system data reporting.

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