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How Ziad powers your efforts to solve problems and overcome challenges

Ziad Taiem is the latest addition to the Nedap team. He started in November 2023, with his first week coinciding with the Aquatech fair in Amsterdam. The high-profile event was the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the world of UV and Nedap’s leading role in the industry.

Today, Ziad is well-versed in UV driver technology and a dedicated member of the R&D team, where he is heavily involved in supporting existing customers and developing new hardware.

Ziad Taiem
Author: Ziad Taiem
22 April 2024
First impressions count

Nedap’s R&D team comprises experienced electrical hardware engineers, design and mechanical engineers and embedded software architects.

“When I first arrived at Nedap, I was amazed by the company’s remarkable scale and outstanding design. As I entered our office, I was warmly welcomed by my supervisor and colleagues, who not only extended their hospitality but also conveyed to me that I was a significant part of the team. This welcome left an important impression on me, affirming my sense of belonging and significance within the team.”

Bart Bouwhuis and Ziad Taiem

By listening to concerns and questions – and then providing assistance, guidance and resources – we help our customers solve problems and overcome challenges they face in their projects. We maintain continuous communication with our partners, working together to identify root causes, brainstorm solutions, and implement strategies.


Ziad Taiem
Hardware engineer
Ziad Taiem
Customer support
New developments

Over the past 30 years, Nedap’s UV driver portfolio has developed to incorporate a broad range of low– and medium–pressure solutions. Because our partners rely on them for long-term use, quality, continuity, and customer support are crucial.

The R&D team develops new products and plays an important role in providing technical support to customers, serving as a knowledge base for our partners. Currently, the team is working on a new driver for low-pressure UV lamps. The unveiling will occur in early May during IFAT (Munich) and IUVA/Radtech (Orlando).

How our team powers you

Ziad and his expert colleagues in our R&D department are ready to support your field engineers during the design phase. Our team is available whenever you require assistance. How can our UV driver technology power your ambitions? Let’s discover it together.

Our team powers you