AQUATECH 2023: A recap

Earlier this month, Nedap was proud to exhibit at the Aquatech Amsterdam trade show. Held from the 6th to the 9th of November at Amsterdam RAI, AQUATECH 2023 was the biggest event of its kind so far, with more than 1,000 exhibiting companies and drawing over 25,000 professional visitors. Attendees explored trends around wastewater treatment, purification methods and more.

Key market developments

Growing global awareness of water treatment and storage challenges, driven by climate change and population growth, fuels interest in each part of the water supply chain. Through presentations and networking areas on all kinds of water-related topics, AQUATECH 2023 showcased innovative solutions and new developments that could mitigate some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

1. Circular economy in water treatment

At Aquatech, new pilot schemes were presented, showcasing energy-neutral treatment projects and resource-efficient initiatives looking to reduce water waste and lower carbon footprints. Additionally, new business models were also presented, including ‘wastewater-as-a-service’.

2. Growing PFAS market

The issue of polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other forms of so-called “forever chemicals” was another important topic featured at the show. It is clear that a ‘tech stack’ of solutions will be necessary to deliver unity in this market.

3. Removal of micropollutants

Another topic presented during the show surrounded the removal of pharmaceuticals and agricultural additives from sewage water. Treatment plants are setting up pilots to test different combinations of technologies, mostly driven by regulations such as the European Framework Directive (2027) and the European Wastewater Directive (2030).

4. Treatment of different industrial wastewater streams

For many industries, compliance with regulation is a driving force in treating wastewater streams. It is clear that depending on the situation, application, and the stream of wastewater itself, a ‘tech stack’ of solutions is also required in this area.

Technology developments

As was made clear during the show, the removal of micropollutants with a quaternary step is dependent on three mainstream technologies:
Activated carbon (PAC / PACAS)
Ozone (Ozone / AOP with UV)
Filtration (Nanofiltration technology/sand filtration)

During pilot studies of these three approaches, crucial parameters, including carbon footprint reduction, waste minimisation, and the cost per cubic metre of treated water, were key considerations.

Nedap witnessed the importance of applying a ‘tech stack’ approach to both proven and new solutions. By integrating UV technologies with innovations like ultra or nano-filtration technology, superior results were achieved, eliminating 70 to 80% of micropollutants from sewage and wastewater. In Ozone water treatment, UV is used to deplete unwanted byproducts.

Concerning ozone water treatment, UV light is used to deplete unwanted byproducts. Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) use UV light to reduce low-molecular-weight contaminants that may bypass Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes, such as pharmaceutical residues, endocrine disruptor chemicals, or industrial solvents. The UV AOP process requires using UV light along with an oxidant, such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine, to enhance the purification process. 

Circular economy approach of Nedap drivers

At Aquatech, we observed a growing interest in UV technology as a sustainable solution for water treatment. Our sustainable driver technology helps utilities in lowering carbon footprint during operation. Additionally, the extended lifespan of Nedap drivers, significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Eager to experience the impact? Use our digital calculator to estimate your savings.

Networking and knowledge sharing

As a hub of water professionals from all over the world, AQUATECH 2023 offered a perfect chance to network and share insights with industry peers.


To find out more regarding the exciting developments and thought-provoking debates that emerged at AQUATECH 2023, as well as the ongoing role that Nedap expects to play in the fast-moving world of water treatment, get in touch with us!

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