Naïade Projects

For millions of people a shortage of clean drinking water is a reality they must face every day.  Sometimes they simply do not have enough, in other cases the available water is contaminated. In developing countries, poor water quality is the leading cause of health problems. Eighty percent of all illnesses in developing countries are caused by polluted water. It is estimated that 2 million people die from these illnesses every year.

Nedap Naïade supplies safe drinking water for over 10 years

Safe drinking water within half an hour

Improved health of school children

Supplies the total daily amount of fresh water needed

Safe drinking water after massive earthquake

Proven to be an excellent solution

Lower medical bills due to safe drinking water

Nedap Naïade in operation in China earthquake area, Yunnan

Early august 2014, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake, left more than 600 dead and damaged or destroyed over 66,000 homes in China’s southwest province Yunnan. Water supply has been polluted because of landslides caused by the earthquake.

In one of the temporary shelter sites, Nedap’s solar powered Naïade water purification units have been installed, sponsored by the China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF).

Naiade –UV stand alone water purifier– being used in China
Primary schools in Tanzania

Translated from Equal Opportunity Fund Newsletter July 2009: At the hospital in Busongo, at the primary schools in Pwalugu and Feo-Awisi, and also in the villages themselves, five Naïade water systems are in operation.

Early 2007 a Naiade was installed at a boarding school in Arusha Tanzania. Absence rate due to sickness was reduced with 60%.

Naiade –UV stand alone water purifier– being used at a school in Tanzania
India, IFCO Foundation

The IFFCO Foundation installed 4 Naïade systems to purify water for community use in the state of Punjab, now several years ago. IFFCO confirmed that the units are very cost effective, highly economical and need minimum maintenance. Also the Naïade is easy to operate.

Naiade –UV stand alone water purifier– being used in India
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