More sustainable operation with data insights

UV disinfection and industrial curing are highly sustainable processes that reduce the use of chemicals. UVC has been used as far back as the 1930s, but the technology remains relevant today – and Nedap is increasing innovation in the sector. 

New developments in curing and disinfection are accelerating the growth of the UV market. At Nedap, we support UV businesses to develop new applications and further optimize processes for more sustainable disinfection and curing. 

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Co-author: Olga Kruidhof (Nedap)
30 January 2023
Nedap’s solutions are built upon three principles:
  1. Electronic lamp driver technology that excels in quality and energy-efficiency 
  2. Smart technology that can quickly be adopted and deployed 
  3. Accessible data, information, and insights 
1. Energy-efficient lamp driver technology

An incredible 75% of the lifecycle costs of UV solutions are energy usage. Using energy-efficient UV lamp driver technology is a sustainable solution, reducing a user’s carbon footprint and cutting costs. 

Line graph of energy savings and cost savings when using Nedap's technology
2. Smart technology that’s simple to adopt and deploy

Advanced electronic driver technology offers manufacturers more control over the power input versus UV output. This makes UV solutions more efficient at disinfection or curing when compared to traditional magnetic ballast technology. 

The new generation of platforms, such as Nedap’s 4kW, use a PC lamp driver tool that makes it easy to configure, control and monitor lamp driver data. This provides developers with more effective tools to test the lamp driver and the overall UV solution, optimizing it during the design phase. 

Iphone showing the Nedap UV App
3. Accessible data and actionable insights

Water disinfection systems typically operate 24/7, with downtime dramatically impacting productivity and the people who rely on the resource. 


Current monitoring systems alert operators if a UV driver goes down but don’t diagnose faults. Instead, special measurement tools are often required on-site to diagnose problems which can rapidly increase costs and increase downtime. 


Laptop UV Tool

Nedap’s solution provides real-time monitoring, alerts, diagnosis, and fault finding. Service engineers receive instant access to performance information and insights without disrupting the operational processes controlled by Modbus. 

Rapid troubleshooting is critical to ensure minimal downtime.

Remote diagnostics can dramatically reduce travel costs and time. Our customers supply UV solutions worldwide, including some of its remotest places. Remote monitoring technology provides real-time insights whenever they need them, from anywhere in the world. The app is a critical first step toward accurate remote diagnostics. 

Wireless connection

To protect the security of systems, the Nedap UV lamp driver App ensures that data is only read from the connected lamp driver and no control and change of settings of the lamp driver is allowed. No connection to the Internet is needed to read data from the driver. The communication between the lamp driver and smart phone is local via a point-to-point wireless Bluetooth connection. 


Every lamp driver has a unique 3D barcode. Scanning the barcode creates a connection between the smartphone and the lamp driver, displaying data and lamp graphs through the app.

Download the app

The UV Monitor app will be available in the App Store and Google Play store from February 2023. 

Iphone showing the Nedap UV App
Future of data

Nedap’s next-generation lamp driver platform has updated integrated software. This gives operators more data and control over settings and parameters compared to previous models. However, this can lead to more complexity. To make data relevant for users, it’s essential to provide easy access and deliver relevant insights. In this way, data leads to a more sustainable and cleaner operation.   


Do you want to know more about how to use the Nedap UV Monitor  app? 

Contact us or download the manual (PDF) below:

Case study
Superior UV drying performance with 50% less space

Nedap supplied the lamp drivers to one of the major companies in the printing industry in the USA. The company wanted to change the power supply to more intelligent Electronic Lamp Drivers.

Printer using Nedap UV
Printing industry USA

The company wanted to improve the overall quality and reliability of their product by converting to new driver technology.


The CE and UL/cUL approved medium pressure UV Lamp drivers enable more stable UV output and higher efficiency.

  • Energy saving
  • Less printer downtime
  • Waste reduction as the lamp life is extended
  • The compact driver design saves costs as less cabinet space is required
Save 50% of space

Changing from electromagnetic 50/60 HZ ballasts to Nedap electronic lamp drivers.

The Lamp Driver Efficiency output Graph shows the excellent out put stability and high efficiency, over a wide input voltage range.

Lamp Driver Efficiency Graph showing the output stability and high efficiency of Nedap's drivers
We power UV

Nr. 1 technology

Most efficient driver technology, requires less installation space >900.000 electronic UV lamp drivers installed and in use worldwide.


Approved by all major UV lamp manufacturers worldwide.


Nedap drivers are designed to last. Lamp lifetime > 10 years.


Relevant data for cleaner operation.

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Product update
Nedap introduces new UV lamp driver

The 4kW driver platform is the most flexible product developed by Nedap. It gives you full power to develop your specialised product by offering maximum flexibility in configuration, choice of UV lamp and serial or parallel operation. The compact design makes it ideal for disinfection and curing applications where space is limited.

Compact modular design
Flexible in- and output configurations
Series and parallel operation of the lamps
Modbus and Bluetooth interface
Our team presenting the 4kW driver platform
Intelligent UV lamp driver platform creates relevant insights

With Nedap’s integrated software and Modbus / Bluetooth interface, owners get real time diagnostic data of individual drivers. These valuable insights about the functioning of the systems allow for predictive maintenance in which downtime is minimised. Service personnel can use the UV Monitor app to see the equipment’s status and view its performance.

Impactful technology

The ambition of Nedap is to create technology that  has a positive impact in people’s professional lives. The 4/8 kW lamp driver platform empower integrators to easily adopt and deploy intelligent UV treatment- and disinfection solutions. The driver platform is compatible with most major medium pressure UV lamps, has pre-programmed power settings and can easily be configurated via the PC lamp driver tool and integrated software.

Dashboard of the laptop UV tool square
Robust and compact design

The robust and compact design also make the 4/8 kW driver platform very suitable for marine applications. The technology onboard ships must operate at high efficiency in order  to load the ship’s electronic grid as carefully as possible. Being aware of harmonic distortion – also known as interference – these kinds of systems is important. The combination of high power factor (>0,98), low Total Harmonic Distortion (<5%) and high efficiency (96,5%) distinguishes Nedap’s lamp driver technology.


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