Digital introduction

Request a digital introduction to discover what Nedap’s smart lamp driver platform can do for your business. During the session, a Nedap product specialist will guide you through the platform and software tools, and will answer your questions. 

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What can you expect?


During the session, we explain how you can use and test our smart lamp driver technology.

Our range of UV lamp driver solutions

Control of the lamp driver by Modbus Protocol

The use of the PC lamp driver tool to configure, control and monitor data of the lamp driver.

Configuration settings in series and parallel operation

The use of the UV lamp driver Monitor App (4/8 kW driver)

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some of the questions you might have about our UV lamp driver technology below.

  • Wich lamp parameters are shown by the lamp driver?

    For lamp drivers which support Modbus control, information on lamp current, lamp voltage and lamp power is available.

  • What are the benefits of step-less dimming for UV lamps?

    Lamp drivers that offer flexible step-less dimming are integral to building more energy-efficient systems. Likewise, they enable operators to control UV light levels, which can reduce unwanted and potentially damaging side effects. 
    When testing and validating UV systems, we dim UV lamps to 5% to simulate dirty UV Quartz sleeves. This makes testing easier and more accurate, which reduces time spent during the inspection process.
    UV lamps used for water disinfection applications are commonly dimmed by up to 90% during the lamp’s lifetime. At the end of lamp’s-lifetime, this is often pushed to 100% to extend the overall lifetime of the lamps (for constant UV output).  

Pioneering UV power

Nedap’s smart UV lamp driver technology can optimise your operations and accelerate your sustainable journey.  

Our industry-leading UV lamp driver technology can:

Improve energy efficiency by up to 5%
Extend UV lamp life up to 50%
Grant detailed data and in-depth insights
Make integration easier with software tools
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