Naïade Solution

Smart, simple and safe


The Naïade is powered by an integrated solar panel and uses the state of art UV technology. During hours of darkness, the electricity comes from a battery in the base of the unit. The Naïade is a stand-alone device.



The Naïade is simple to install, to use and to maintain by local people. The unit arrives in a cardboard box and includes all necessary tools with instruction leaflet. It can be operating within half an hour. As soon as the container is filled with water, one only has to press the button to start the purification of the water. The filter bags, solar panel and container needs to be cleaned every now and then. The Naïade gives easy access to young and old.


Eighty percent of all illnesses in developing countries are caused by polluted water. Serious illnesses transmitted via polluted water include cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis and dysentery. The Naïade cleans and disinfects water without using chemicals.

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