The versatility of the UniMulti lamp driver

Today, there are several use cases for lamp driver technology, from UV Disinfection  to curing applications. Likewise, there are numerous customer demands that must be met for lamp drivers to suit their specific application needs. This is where Nedap’s UniMulti lamp driver excels, showcasing its strengths.

Testing unimulti
Portrait of Olga Kruidhof
Co-author: Olga Kruidhof (Nedap)
2 August 2023
Versatility as standard

The UniMulti lamp driver entered production in 2010 and was designed to plug the gap in the market for projects requiring lamp power ranging from 60W to 440W. This driver can operate in two configurations: four lamps operating at 220W each or two lamps at 440W, providing a UV power supply of 880W. It is compatible with four voltage levels, enabling versatile configurations based on the lamps used alongside it.


Photo: The bare PCB of the UniMulti is placed in its fixture and it is ready to be tested.

Optimal performance

Flexibility is at the heart of the UniMulti and its series of drivers. The UniMulti is genuinely universal and can be used effectively in multiple applications. In response to customer demands, Nedap recently introduced a new version of the UniMulti driver with an extended input voltage range. The lamp driver now supports the North American standard input voltage of 120Vac, providing even more applications for this exciting technology.

Nedap worked with lamp manufacturers when designing the UniMulti driver to ensure optimal settings and practical application. For example, we know conventional lamps need to be preheated before ignition. The current and duration required for filament preheating is determined on a per-manufacturer, per-type, and per-lamp basis. These settings can all be pre-programmed into the UniMulti driver’s microprocessor, ensuring the best performance with any commercially available lamp type. Customers are provided with a lamp ID, which they can use to manage the driver’s performance for each lamp.

Fit for the future

The UniMulti driver offers incredible functionality but remains simple to use and can be paired easily. The unit has a staff plug (a small RJ45 connector) that prompts the driver to start automatically when input power is applied.

Customers have praised the UniMulti driver’s ability to capture data. The driver can be controlled and monitored by Modbus serial communication or analog signals. Operators can collect information on the lamp behaviour, driver behaviour or ballast. Using the information, they can rapidly identify issues with lamps while monitoring power, voltage, or current. The UniMulti driver is designed to give users the information they need to optimise operations. It’s UV technology that combines visibility and versatility.

The driver has UL and cUL approval for use in the USA and Canada and has been designed to meet the regulatory demands of today and the future. Its high energy efficiency standards make it a sustainable choice for all operators.

We’re continuing to invest in the development of the UniMulti driver series. Working closely alongside customers and lamp manufacturers, we’re already developing the next generation of innovative lamp driver technologie

Operators want greater intelligence from their lamp drivers, and the UniMulti lamp driver can provide it. It’s the industry-standard lamp driver for specialist applications.


Photo: The UniMulti is a lightweight lamp driver. A total of 6 UniMulti units are securely placed in a well-protected cardboard box during production.