Product update
Nedap introduces new UV lamp driver

The 4kW driver platform is the most flexible product developed by Nedap. It gives you full power to develop your specialised product by offering maximum flexibility in configuration, choice of UV lamp and serial or parallel operation. The compact design makes it ideal for disinfection and curing applications where space is limited.

Compact modular design
Flexible in- and output configurations
Series and parallel operation of the lamps
Modbus and Bluetooth interface
Our team presenting the 4kW driver platform
Intelligent UV lamp driver platform creates relevant insights

With Nedap’s integrated software and Modbus / Bluetooth interface, owners get real time diagnostic data of individual drivers. These valuable insights about the functioning of the systems allow for predictive maintenance in which downtime is minimised. Service personnel can use the UV Monitor app to see the equipment’s status and view its performance.

Impactful technology

The ambition of Nedap is to create technology that  has a positive impact in people’s professional lives. The 4/8 kW lamp driver platform empower integrators to easily adopt and deploy intelligent UV treatment- and disinfection solutions. The driver platform is compatible with most major medium pressure UV lamps, has pre-programmed power settings and can easily be configurated via the PC lamp driver tool and integrated software.

Dashboard of the laptop UV tool square
Robust and compact design

The robust and compact design also make the 4/8 kW driver platform very suitable for marine applications. The technology onboard ships must operate at high efficiency in order  to load the ship’s electronic grid as carefully as possible. Being aware of harmonic distortion – also known as interference – these kinds of systems is important. The combination of high power factor (>0,98), low Total Harmonic Distortion (<5%) and high efficiency (96,5%) distinguishes Nedap’s lamp driver technology.


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30 Sep, 2023