Meet the team: Interview with Jürgen Bomers

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jürgen Bomers to learn more about his role at Nedap and his remarkable journey as an engineer. This is his story!

What do you do at Nedap?

I’m a test/proto engineer and my job involves working on product development before those products hit the production line. I get to delve into the functions of these products and make sure they are up to scratch before they go into full-scale production. It’s all about testing and ensuring that the products meet the necessary requirements.

How did you land your job at Nedap?

Getting my job at Nedap was quite a fascinating journey and certainly an interesting one. I grew up in Groenlo, where Nedap is located. Every time I rode my bicycle around town, I would see the name “Nedap” and it would always intrigue me. I didn’t really know what Nedap did, but I had this strong feeling that it was where I wanted to work.

During my LBO study, I thought that when I graduated I was going to stop studying and directly work in the field of insulation. One day on the way to my internship I had a bike accident. This accident was in the middle of the winter and my internship was in a closed space without windows. This situation made me realise that stopping my education right there was not the path that I wanted to pursue.

Later on while studying my MBO, I had the opportunity to visit Nedap as part of a company visit organised by my school. It was my first real introduction to the company and I instantly liked it!

I decided to do my internship at Nedap, and after that, I never left the company. I started in the service department, specifically working for power supplies on repairs. After years of working, I made the decision to go back to school, this time to pursue higher education at an HBO level.

It’s been a journey of curiosity, exploration, and continuous learning that led me to my position at Nedap (it’s been 26 years!).

What do you like about Nedap?

What I really enjoy about Nedap is the people I get to work with. One thing that sets Nedap apart from other companies is the diverse range of tasks I get to tackle. Unlike other businesses where you might be limited to just software work, here I have the opportunity to work on both software and electronics. I find it exciting that I can get hands-on with soldering and problem-solving. It keeps things interesting and allows me to learn and grow in different areas!

What is your personal mantra?

My mantra is do what you like. I believe you are in the right place if you are where you want to be. That is why I have been working for Nedap for so long.

What did you want to be when growing up?

When I was growing up my initial dream was to travel to the USA and pursue a career related to electronics. However, I ended up falling in love and my priorities shifted. I made the decision to stay in Groenlo, and my aspirations took a different direction.

What are you most proud of?

I take pride in the journey I’ve been on with Nedap. Being part of the team brings me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Moreover, my biggest source of pride is my wonderful family. They are my support system and the reason behind all my motivation.

How do you like to spend your free time?

In my free time I run my own business ( where I fix iPhones, laptops, and other electronics.It’s a different gig from my work at Nedap, but it’s still within the realm of electronics, which is along the lines of my passion for electronics. One thing I take pride in when it comes to my business is my commitment to sustainability. Instead of tossing out components, I prefer to reuse and repurpose them whenever possible.
I have some other hobbies; I absolutely love going for rides in my car and on my bike. I also enjoy maintenance; I like ensuring both my car and bike stay in tip-top shape. And while this might not be a hobby as such – nothing beats quality time with my family. They mean the world to me, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them!

Note: The phone in the picture is one of the first iPhones!

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