Education: Physics Teacher and YouTuber Wietsma Explains the Wonders of UV Technology

In our continuous pursuit of sustainable and intelligent solutions, we are thrilled to present our latest collaborative project. We’ve teamed up with ‘Meneer Wietsma’, a teacher and popular Dutch science YouTuber, to bring you an insightful video on the role of UV light and water purification.

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Behind UV Purification

UV technology has endless applications, many of which remain unknown to the younger generation. To bridge this gap and ignite curiosity, we collaborated with ‘Meneer Wietsma’. After all, in today’s digital age, what better way to capture attention than through engaging online content? Check out the video learn about UV light, form water purification to industrial innovations.

At Nedap, we’re passionate about UV light and its powerful applications, from industrial processes to essential water purification. Collaborating with Meneer Wietsma to create this educational video is an exciting opportunity for us to share our enthusiasm and knowledge in the field. For any further inquiries or more information on this topic, feel free to contact the our team.

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