Product launch
Nedap introduces 1500W low-pressure Lamp driver solution

Nedap adds a new UV lamp driver to the low-pressure lamp portfolio, specifically for UV solutions that require more powerful UVC treatment at lower costs. The Lamp Driver Full Rack 1500W can power up to 8 UVC low-pressure lamps of 1500 W with a total rack output power of 12 kW.

Olga Kruidhof
13 May 2024
The best way to treat water

Low-pressure UV lamps are a highly cost-effective way to disinfect and treat water due to its high UVC output and lower maintenance costs. End users benefit from a significantly lower total cost of ownership, a result of longer operating lifetime and decreased downtime.

Owing to more powerful UVC disinfection, the use of the 1500W lamps enables higher flow rates and reduces the number of lamps needed. It’s the perfect lamp solution for large-scale installations.

Optimized energy consumption

In water treatment systems, dimming of UVC lamps is a common practice to optimize the process and save energy. Nedap’s new 1500W lamp driver with >94% efficiency and patented additional filament heating technology fits perfectly within this picture. The additional filament heating technology prevents increased degradation of the filaments during dimming and makes it possible to dim lamps down to 30%.

With the Modbus control, monitoring, remote on/off and dimming, you are in full control.


Other features:

Output power rack at 12kW (8 lamps of 1500 W)
Power factor: > 0.99 at 100% power
Current Total Harmonic Distortion: <5% at max. power
Preprogammed lamp parameters for optimal lamp life
1500 W Full Rack
Recommended driver technology

As an independent supplier of UV lamp driver technology, our solutions are developed in close cooperation with major UV lamp manufacturers. The preprogrammed lamp parameters and the UV Tool (Windows software) make it easier for your engineers to configure, control and monitor the driver and lamps and test it.

Introduction during IFAT and IUVA

We will have the new driver on display in May during IFAT (13-17, Munich) and IUVA/Radtech (20-22, Orlando). Visit our booth to be among the first to see it!