UV drinking water purification plant, New York City

Nedap supplies the lamp drivers for the newest and largest UV drinking water purifi cation plant for New York City.

 After completion, the plant will supply 8.3 billion liters of clean water to the more than 9 million inhabitants of New York and environs. After completion, the plant will supply 8.3 billion liters of clean water to the more than 9 million inhabitants of New York and environs.

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Nedap Naïade in operation in China earthquake area, Yunnan

Early august 2014, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake, left more than 600 dead and damaged or destroyed over 66,000 homes in China’s southwest province Yunnan. Water supply has been polluted because of landslides caused by the earthquake.

In one of the temporary shelter sites, Nedap’s solar powered Naïade water purification units have been installed, sponsored by the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF).

Safe drinking water within half an hour

Key achievements

  • In operation within half an hour
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Safe drinking water  for 1,200 people in Yunnan earthquake area
  • Nedap Naïade water purification unit in one of the temporary shelter sites.
  • Technical workers from rescue forces install Nedap Naïade units at a transit shelter in Ludian Count

Safe drinking water for Rwandese children

In the past few years Naïade water purification units have successfully been installed at Rwandese schools. One of these schools is the Bukomero Groupe Scholaire in Muhanga.

The Bukomero Groupe Scholaire has a total of 2193 students, 53 teachers and 5 supporting staff members. All these people use the Naïade stand-alone solar powered water purifying unit.

Improved health of school children

Key achievements

  • Bacteria free drinking water 
  • Improved health of school children and teachers
  • Solar-powered. No electricity needed

Ghana, Twa

The installation of three Naïades together with two 18,500 liter poly tanks, 1,200 meter connecting pipe work and a solar powered KSB feed pump has been set up near Accra in Ghana.

 The installation supplies the total daily amount of fresh water needed for the village people. In the past, they had to walk down hill 1,200 meters to the river to get their water. Nowadays, it flows by a solar powered pump into the tanks and is treated by the Nedap Naïade water purification units. The overflow is used for washing, cattle etc. It shows clearly the possibility to improve the water distribution and the possibility to install autarkic water supply units in remote areas all over the world.

Nedap realized this project in close cooperation with Dascon Ltd,  Melpool Ltd and KSB Ghana, in order to fulfill the testing and reference requirements of the Ghanaian Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing.



Supplies the total daily amount of fresh water needed

Ecuador, earthquake area

Nedap supplies safe drinking water after a massive earthquake in Ecuador.

Ecuador was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale on16 April 2016.   The death toll quickly rose to more than 500 and thousands of people were injured. The damage to buildings and infrastructure was huge.

The earthquake's epicentre lay close to the town of Muisne on Ecuador's northern coast. A state of emergency was declared in six Ecuadorian provinces following the worst earthquake since 1979. The provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas werehardest hit.Nedap's distributor in Ecuador, Latinkursa, made a Näiade available to the Laica"Eloy Alfaro" Manabi (LEAM) University in Manta Ecuador.


Safe drinking water after massive earthquake

Key achievements

  • The Naïade was used to purify water at different locations in the affected area, giving many people access to safe drinking water. 
  • Helpers from Univerity LEAM commited to distributing free purified water to the entire community.

China, Nanjing

Safe Water for Schools, that’s the main goal of China’s Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF), world’s largest official women’s organization.

The installation of several Nedap Naïades in south eastern China’s provinces Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and the northern province Hebei, assures that scholars, students and teachers do have access now to clean and safe drinking water. The Naiade systems have proven to be an excellent solution for CWDF’s main goal, besides raising the awareness of water use, water protection and sanitation.

The introduction of the Nedap Naïades was supported by Nanjing Venture Technology Co., Ltd in China.

Mrs. Huang Qingyi, from CWDF declared that in the coming years, many schools will get support from CWDF to install the Naïade water purification units to get access to safe and clean drinking water.

Proven to be an excellent solution

India, IFCO Foundation

Punjab (India)

The IFFCO Foundation installed 4 Naïade systems to purify water for community use in the state of Punjab, now several years ago. IFFCO confirmed that the units are very cost effective, highly economical and need minimum maintenance. Also the Naïade is easy to operate.

The consumption of Naïade water, free from bacteria on regular basis has helped the community in general and vulnerable children and women in particular in staying healthy and thus reducing their medical bills. Convinced with the tangible results of safe drinking water, the Foundation has planned to procure and install more Naiade water purifier systems for the benefit of their community, in the near future..


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Lower medical bills due to safe drinking water


In November 2011, a Naïade unit was installed in San Luis Majimachi (province of Chi Hua Hua) in Northern Mexico.

The Indian Tarahumara society received international financial support from the NGO PKN inthe Netherlands in order to install the Naïade at an elementary boarding school. A committee of the local Tarahumara population takes care of the administration and maintenance of the Naïade. 

The Naïade purifies daily 3.000 liter of bacteriological contaminated water and makes it safe and drinkable. 

Nedap has installed Naïades worldwide in more than 35 countries. In South America the stand-alone solar based water purifier Naïade can be found many countries like Brazil, Suriname, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala and Haiti.

The Naïade purifies 3000 liter of water per day

Ghana, Busongo

Translated from Equal Opportunity Fund Newsletter July 2009: At the hospital in Busongo, at the primary schools in Pwalugu and Feo-Awisi, and also in the villages themselves, five Naïade water systems are in operation.

Our contact person in Ghana, Justin, regularly visits these locations to see how the units are performing. At the villages, a committee will oversee the yearly contribution of 75 Eurocents per person. This way all people contribute to the maintenance and service costs of the units. Although it seems to be a very low amount, it’s important to understand that these people only have 30 to 50 Eurocents per day available for their daily needs.

The primary school students are also loyal users of the water systems, which has resulted in healthier children. Since the introduction of the system, significantly less illness of the children has been reported.

In the hospital the results are very clear: due to the use of the Naïade, not one person died in the months February and March. Before that time, on average 2 children died every month.

Additional benefits include less firewood being used in the villages, as it is now only used for food preparation as well as reduced medical costs for families as fewer and fewer children fall victim to water-borne illness and disease.

Significantly less illness of the children


Translated from Equal Opportunity Fund Newsletter July 2009: At the hospital in Busongo, at the primary schools in Pwalugu and Feo-Awisi, and also in the villages themselves, five Naïade water systems are in operation.

Early 2007 a Naiade was installed at a boarding school in Arusha Tanzania. Absence rate due to sickness was reduced with 60%.

Before that time, a lot of people got sick from drinking unsafe water. Buying safe water or boiling the water, is just too expensive for most people.The Tanzanian government provides water at sufficient quantity, but cannot guarantee the right quality. The use of Naïades on a greater scale is a simple and effective way to decrease the number of sick people in Tanzania.

Absence rate due to sickness was reduced with 60%