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As a well-known company in the industry we are renowned for the long lifespan of our solutions, our knowledge of the market and our intelligent driver technology. We are lamp brand independent and our drivers meet commonly used certification standards that guarantee the best performance under all circumstances.


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Ballast water treatment

Our highly efficient electronic drivers fulfil IMO/USGG requirements for ballast water treatment. Our reliable technology with low harmonic distortion and robust designs provide sustainable solutions, focussing on improved overall performance, minimized downtime of BWMS systems and long term lower costs.

  • 30 years of research and work in UV applications for water treatment
  • > 900.000 electronic UV lamp drivers installed and in use, worldwide.
  • Fulfill IMO/USGG requirements
  • Drivers with lowest harmonic distortion
  • Long lifetime of lamps

Drinking and waste water treatment

 By focusing on quality and efficiency, our intelligent solutions can be used with minimum environmental impact in various applications. As Nedap Light Controls, we play an essential role in the realisation of cleaner and safer environments through UV and advanced oxidization technology that allows for the treatment and disinfection of water.

  • All types UL / cUL and CE approved
  • All types have Active PFC /  low THD
  • High efficiency

Air and surface disinfection

UV disinfection is used in a wide range of applications and industries. UV light reliably reduces the germ load and improves hygiene and storage conditions. We offer high-performance lamp technology with a wide range of low and medium pressure electronic lamp drivers.

  • Low- and medium pressure lamp solutions
  • More stable/constant UV output
  • All types UL/cUL and CE approved

UV Curing

Nedap has an installed base of over 300.000 units electronic lamp drivers for high power, medium pressure lamps for UV curing applications with an excellent quality track record.

  • Small size, low weight
  • Remote diagnostic and dimming
  • Very wide input and load range
  • Extended lamp life

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