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With regards to UV solutions Nedap’s efforts are significantly impacting sustainability on various levels. We have chosen to work strategically with 3 sustainability goals, where we believe, we can have the most impact:

Reduce carbon footprint1: Reduce carbon footprint: 
4% less energy consumption

Reduce carbon footprint2: Longer lifetime of lamps
Upto  50% reduction of lamp waste

Cooperation with partners and research institutes3: Cooperation with partners and research  institutes
Sharing of data insights for product innovation


Reduce carbon footprint

Industrial UV solutions use high power supplies to drive low or medium pressure UV lamps. Smart driver technology helps our partners to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions in 3 different ways:

  • 1. UV lamp driver technology of Nedap is up to 5% more efficient compared to other electronic lamp driver technology.
  • 2. The step-less dimming options, with filament heating technology, increases the efficiency of the driver.
  • 3. The high Power factor and low harmonic distortion of Nedap lamp drivers prevent up to 10% energy loss due to overloading of the power grid.


Longer lifetime of lamps

Nedap driver technology extents the lifetime of components and UV lamps to its double, reducing waste. It also gives operators relevant real time insights in the performance of the drivers and UV lamps, reducing maintenance travel to operation sites. Based on the most important lamp parameters the end of life of lamps can be predicted. This enables operators to get the most out of the UV lamp. 

Cooperation with partners and research institutes

Although UV technology is a mature market, new industrial applications arise reducing the use of chemicals and scarce resources like energy and water. We encourage this by advising startup companies how to power their UV technology. We have strong partnerships with lamp manufacturers and are partner in UV associations. We cooperate with Wageningen University and supply data and test units for scientific studies all over the world.   


Sustainability at Nedap

At Nedap we focus on Technology for Life. This requires a long-term perspective. Being able to take a long-term perspective is key to our success. This have given us a natural tendency to make sustainability choices. Part of our company wide strategy is that we want to accelerate to meet our sustainability objectives. UV technology is a very sustainable technology. The natural anti-bacterial properties of UV-light has been known for more than 100 years. It is widely used for disinfecting drinking and processing water, but also for curing inks and coatings, without the use of chemicals.

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