Nedap products awarded at IUVA world conference

During the International Ultra Violet Association (IUVA) world conference, recently held in Las Vegas, several products of Nedap N.V. were involved in leading awards.

The city of New York was awarded with the UV Engineering Project of the Year Award: one of the most memorable awards of the IUVA. This in recognition of the Catskill Delaware Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility, producing over 2 billion gallons of high-quality drinking water daily. This is by far the largest ultraviolet disinfection facility in the world and is powered by Nedap’s electronic lamp drivers. These optimize the UV output of the lamps at the lowest possible energy costs.


Safe drinking water for everyone

The Naïade, a standalone solar powered water purifier which uses UV light, was granted the Green UV Award 2013. This award recognizes Nedap for the promotion of UV lighting technology in water purification systems, especially for the sustainable design, ease of installation and outstanding usability features.


The Naïade has been designed for rural areas. The system supplies safe drinking water for hospitals, schools and small communities for approximately $1,5 per person per year. One unit can supply up to 3000 liters per day, meeting the need of 400 people.


Nedap and UV

Nedap is a manufacturer of intelligent technological solutions for relevant themes and world’s leading company for electronic lamp drivers for ultraviolet lamps. These lamp drivers are used for the purification of water and for industrial curing applications.

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