10 Years of Water Treatment in Africa

Keeping local drinking water treatment systems up and running in African countries is still extremely challenging. Maintenance and local attention to the systems are extremely important, besides the chronic shortage of financial resources. Nedap’s Naïade water purifier has proven to be a very reliable and cost-effective system for water treatment for schools in remote areas.

At the primary school Centre San Marco, in Kanombe, Kigali, Rwanda, a Naïade system was replaced after 10  years of operation, supplying safe drinking water to 240 children and 20 staff members of that school. The Naïade  system is used in combination with rain water harvesting  

A Na?ade system is used in combination with rain harvesting at a primary school in Kanombe, Kigali, Rwanda.

Nedap distributor Impala Corporation is taking care of nine  Naïade units in Rwanda and was set to install another nine  units before the end of 2016, all located within 150 km of the  distributor. All units were financed by the Dutch Soroptimist  organization.

The 2013 IUVA Green UV Award winning Naïade water  purifier has been designed especially for rural areas. With  the integrated bag filters and solar-powered UV disinfection  unit, the system can supply safe drinking water for hospitals,  schools and small communities at very low costs down to $1.50 (US) per person per year. The system easily can supply  up to 3,000 L/day for 400 people. At a school in Tanzania, the result of the Naïade system was very clear: Within two weeks, 40% more children attended school, released from the  troubles caused by chronic diarrhea.


Na?ade in use at a temporary shelter site in ChinaThe Naïade also proved to work very well at natural disaster  areas where clean water distribution systems have been  disrupted. Temporally, use of Naïade systems could prevent  outbreak of waterborne disease. Units have been in operation  successfully in earthquake areas in China (Ludian, Yunnan  Province)  and Ecuador (near Portoviejo).


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