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UVineo (Low pressure)


- Remote ON/OFF and step-less dimming
- High efficiency and high Power Factor
-  Constand power of constand lamp current
- Integrated communication intelligence
- Preprogrammed Lamp parameters for optimal lamp life
- UL/cUL and CE approved up 131° F (55°C)

UVuerte (medium pressure)


- Compact modular design
- Highly efficienct and high-power factor and low distortion (THD)
- Flexibile in- and output configurations tailored to your needs
- Compatible with most medium pressure UV lamps
- Modbus interface
- Remote ON/OFF and step-less dimming
- Constant lamp power control
- UL/cUL and CE opproved. 

UVuerte (medium pressure) 4 kW


- Compact modular design
- Highly efficient
- Flexibile in- and output configurations tailored to your needs
- Rack mount options 6x4kW
- Series and parallel operation of the lamps
- Compatible with most major medium pressure UV lamps
- Modus and Bluetooth interface

Discover how smart driver technology generates more sustainable operation

With rising energy costs, supply chain pressures and increased social interest in sustainable production, it’s more important than ever that the equipment you use high class perform while reducing your carbon footprint. By reducing the carbon footprint, businesses also save energy costs, which helps create better profits.
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Article October 2022:   How can you make sustainability   profitable by using smart driver   technology?

Whitepaper IUVA 2019 Sydney Nedap - Powering UV Sources

Improving efficiency of UV lamps has reached physical limits and UV LEDs still have a long way to go. Unfortunately the overall efficiency of the energy supply systems for the UV sources are in most cases not getting the right amount of attention and short term costs for initial investment are prevailing over the total cost of ownership.
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Whitepaper Powering UV Resources in the most efficienct way
IUVA World conference Sydney 2019

Legislation & Standardisation: The impact on UV businesses for 2023 and beyond

Looking ahead to 2023, there are discussions around changing standardisation rules for medium-pressure UV lamps. It will take time before these developments are translated into legislation but it is important for businesses to be aware of the current trajectory.
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