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Within Nedap we have extensive experience with high power electronics. In 1995 the first UV lamp driver was installed in the field. Today we have almost 1 million installed and in use worldwide. As independent specialist we help businesses to drive their UV technology in the most efficient way.





Supporting business to develop smart UV curing and disinfection solutions, realizing more sustainable business processes and cleaner and saver environments. 


Develop and supply efficient, compact and flexible UV lamp drivers that are easy to adopt and deploy by OEM’s globally. Our drivers comply with all applicable standards and are approved by all major lamp brand manufacturers.


Value proposition

We power UV

Offering smart UV lamp driver technology at the lowest cost of ownership and maximum flexibility in lamp selection and optimization. Supported by our experienced team of hardware & software engineers and data insights we empower business globally to create intelligent UV treatment- and disinfection solutions. That’s our promise: We power UV


We live in an increasingly populated, urbanized world in which safeguarding against bacteria, viruses and pollution becomes ever more important. Water and energy become scarce resources.
To address the world’s climate crisis, we believe innovative UV technology can help. UV and advanced oxidation are very sustainable widely applicable technologies. We are committed to helping OEM’s globally to deploy this technology in the most efficient and sustainable way. Read more about sustainability



Technology for life

At Nedap we create products that change the way people work. Technology for life at Nedap UV is about UV driver solutions that help businesses to operate more sustainable and reduce costs. Read more about technology for life at Nedap.com

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